10 thoughts on “Episode 2

  1. Again, very concise, to the point and very entertaining. Will contribute to your well-deserved weekend with talented sex-worker Raul, even though I am saving up to treat myself to a weekend of unbridled carnalities with the danish national football team.


  2. Great tickle of the filthy underbelly of a party whose Brexit incompetence is about to see them become so un-electable my unborn grandchild will have drawn his first state pension (after reaching his 82nd birthday) long before they form another government.


  3. Brilliant Max. Been chuckling so much throughout had to explain to husband what was making me laugh- specifically the gelatinous mound that is Boris Johnson! Keep up the good work.


  4. I’ve decided to listen to these podcasts again, a year later. It was hilarious the first time, and now I’d say the same if we weren’t still stuck in the same shitty quagmire of sewage for the last 12 months.
    I just like to hear your voice and verbal dexterity.
    Thank you.


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